The peripheral vision belongs to the physiologic backbone of every fully functioning reactive human system that runs on fundamental reflexes with all its phenomena.

See the image? Our peripheral vision covers more than 98% of our field of vision and owns the most amount of rods which are the cells on a human eye's retina which are poor in color scanning and visual acuity but tremendous fast in accurate motion detection and even evaluation like gesture interpretation — crazy right. Well, it was mandatory to survive as a human species to understand within milliseconds and even from one's lateral view whether someone's coming over was friendly or not.

One of the main functions of our peripheral vision is to constantly scan the environment for threats or prey as we have a stone-age brain and a simple rod in our peripheral vision still can instantly turn into a poisonous snake.

This is why against all other statements most people out there must suffer from ADHD symptoms even they would never admit it, simply as our species would not have survived otherwise.

Our peripheral vision is intact and best known for unbelievable achievements in sports but in today's work environments of the knowledge worker, peripheral vision and its superb ability to quickly re-focus on incoming and changing stimuli within milliseconds becomes a great problem as we need on average 23 minutes and 15 seconds to re-focus to the previous level of concentration once interrupted by a phone call or similar distractions.

And our mobile culture with its portable and ever-working devices constantly untrains us from the most needed skill in these days:

Being undistractible even in busy working environments like open offices and to be solely focused on one single, cognitively demanding task — until finished.

Because everywhere any new motion in our peripheral vision will fire the amygdala and lots of other areas and neural networks within milliseconds to prioritize and re-assess our environment for potential threats and prey.

But even in simplistic settings like a chamber in a monastery or an austere cabin in the mountains which are focus-friendly it is not really possible for most people to concentrate on one single task exclusively.
Same applies for home offices. As unless you cover your peripheral vision it will run as a constant scanner for more attractive or more fearful stimuli in your proximity as per se everything in your environment could instantly turn out to be harmful or could gain more prioritization — it simply gets more interesting or you will make something more interesting (procrastination).

That is why blinkers for horses are so effective. As horses are quite intelligent getaway animals and easily scared but when their peripheral vision gets blocked and shut down and therefore their amygdala will be shut down they will be calm af and concentrated on what is in front of them.

After 10 years on my own path to more concentration, flow and high achievements I can announce one single verdict on how to get better on focusing and achieving the most outstanding work:

There is no book that can really help you to get into flow and deep work.

If you are a person that can focus you are a very rare creature. The millions and millions of people struggling with focus play a loosing game.

As they play against themselves and their stronger version which is their animal nature which is as strong and mighty as their mammal sex drive and way stronger.

You can't discuss it, it would always work wonders on you. Remember the last day you got away with your life as a passenger looking into your phone while in traffic and crossing the streets. This is the magic of your peripheral vision at work.

No concept from books which is actually a network of thoughts could tackle hardwired reflexes and drives that are deep, strong and unconscious.

So what I want you to understand is, as I gave up smoking 2 days ago as well as sweets, that you can only tackle sweets and smoking in a way by getting rid of them in your approximate environment.

Get the sweets out of your fridge and cupboards and let the left-over cigarettes soak with water and destroy them completely once wet.

And what about your work and lack of focus. Get you the Focuscap asap. It is a simple tactical device which shuts down your peripheral vision which is your hard-wired innate alarm system.

PS: The articles that I will write in the coming days, weeks and months shall introduce you to the science and principles how your peripheral vision works and why no book but the FOCUSCAP is the only device you need to get you quickly into super-human Flow-state.

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