We are super thrilled and most of grateful about the very positive feedback from all of you across the globe who have already purchased a cap and are starting out to transform your whole work-life.

With your increased ability to focus on the stuff that matters, you will definitely speed up your effective work-time.
You will make better decisions, achieve high-quality results and keep your mental sanity in high-pressure environments.
– That's what we would call true happiness.

With some quick updates now and then, our FocusHacks, we would like to provide you with the latest science on the topic of 'new work / deep work'.
We will further give you the tricks and tips on how to master your attention and gain ultra-focus to become the highly productive digital warrior everybody dreams of.

In this post Hannes did a quick demo for you on setting up the integrated folds of the FocusCap's visor for optimal performance.
Watch the video above to get everything out of your new FocusCap.

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